NTOC is an internationally recognised specialist in the production of decontamination, sterilisation and transport cassettes for medical devices within the healthcare institution. These products are provided with a fixation for medical devices, based on the Minimal Contact Concept developed by NTOC. We deliver to hospitals, private clinics, suppliers and manufacturers of medical devices.

In the last few decades, we have become a leading supplier in the Dutch and international markets. We achieved our prominent position because of our practical knowledge, reliability and because we think along with our clients. The client and the optimal solution always come first. On quite a few occasions already, our clients have been pleasantly surprised by our suggestions! Our approach will differ depending on the assignment. We may be given a rough sketch or a very detailed and elaborate drawing to start with. Our accuracy is to one tenth of a millimetre and we know how to provide constant and reproducible quality.

We are happy to get to know you and look forward to meeting you (again)!